Best Features of
Email Hosting


A permanent
email address

An email address on your own domain is a permanent address that is independent of your Internet service provider and completely free of advertisements. By registering your own domain you get a lasting email address to make your name or company name stand out online, so that the people around you can easily reach you.


Syncs across all
your devices

It can be annoying to be unable to check your email when you are away from your own computer. You don’t need to worry about that with Email Hosting from UK2 though, automatic syncing ensures that whatever device you’re using will be automatically updated when you send an email, update your calendar or update your task list from one of the connected devices.

Furthermore, webmail hosting allows you to access your email services without having to install an email program; simply open a browser on any device with an internet connection to connect to your email address through webmail.

Brand Protection

Advanced webmail with
calendar and address book

UK2 Webmail offers more than a flexible way to read your emails everywhere. It also includes a built-in calendar and an address book to keep track of your contacts from wherever in the world you are. These extra features - typically included in Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird - make your experience more complete without affecting loading times.

Online Shop

Free 24x7

We know how important your emails are, which is why our expert support is available around the clock, so you’ll never have to puzzle over a question alone. You can also access our in-depth knowledge base articles here.

Asked Questions

Do I have to own a domain name to buy an email package?

Yes. With email hosting, your permanent address will reflect your personality and identity, whether professionally or personally.

In order to get a personalised and unique email, you need to own the domain name, it will fall at the end of the address (the part that comes after the “@” symbol).

Don’t worry if you don’t own a domain name, you can purchase one when ordering your email hosting package.

How many email accounts can I have?

We offer our 2GB Personal email accounts in 1 / 25 / 50 / 100 mailbox counts and our 10GB Professional email accounts in 1 / 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 mailbox counts.

Can I upgrade from the 2GB Personal Email accounts to 10GB Professional Email accounts?

Yes! You can upgrade anytime by simply logging into your control panel and upgrading to the Service that you want to move onto.

Which devices can I use to read my emails?

You can use any desktop computer or laptop, but also all tablets and mobile devices (including, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones and iOS devices) to access your email services. These will be automatically synced as well.

Do I need to have Shared Web Hosting with you to use your Email services?

You can use our Email Services without having any Shared Web Hosting with us as this is a stand-alone product that just requires you to have a domain name.

Can I purchase email if my domain name is with another Provider?

Yes, you can. You will have to make some change to your DNS settings as instructed by your current Provider and then it will work. Alternatively, you can simply transfer your domain name over to us

Which email clients can I use to read my emails?

You can access your email with any software that allows you to connect to an IMAP or POP mail server which includes (but not limited to):

  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Apple Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • Opera Mail
Alternatively, you can login from anywhere into our Webmail client. You just need a compatible web browser and an internet connection.

What is the billing cycle for Email Services?

We currently only offer yearly subscriptions for our email service, therefore you will be billed on a yearly basis.